User Roles

Last Edit: Nov 27 2020

Here is a list of all user roles, please keep in mind that the moderator role can also be granted for some specific channels. As explained here, role management can only be done using server-side authentication from your backend.

Role Name API Name
Admin admin This role allows users to perform more advanced actions. This role should be granted only to staff users
Moderator channel_moderator Allows users to perform moderation (e.g. ban users, add/remove users, …)
User user This is the default role assigned to any user.
Channel Member channel_member This is the default role assigned to any user.
Guest guest A user that authenticated using the guest user endpoint (see Client & Users section)
Anonymous anonymous A user that connected using anonymous authentication (see Client & Users section)
At the moment we don't support custom roles, this is high on our roadmap!