API Errors

Last Edit: Jan 14 2021

Below you can find the complete list of errors that are returned by the API together with the description, API code, and corresponding HTTP status of each error.

Name HTTP Status Code HTTP Status Stream Code Description
Input Error 400 Bad Request 4 When wrong data/parameter is sent to the API
Duplicate Username Error 400 Bad Request 6 When a duplicate username is sent while <code>enforce_unique_usernames</code> is enabled
Message Too Long Error 400 Bad Request 20 Message is too long
Event Not Supported Error 400 Bad Request 18 Event is not supported
Channel Feature Not Supported Error 400 Bad Request 19 The feature is currently disabled on the dashboard (i.e. Reactions & Replies)
Multiple Nestling Level Error 400 Bad Request 21 Multiple Levels Reply is not supported - the API only supports 1 level deep reply threads
Custom Command Endpoint Call Error 400 Bad Request 45 Custom Command handler returned an error
Custom Command Endpoint Missing Error 400 Bad Request 44 App config does not have <code>custom_action_handler_url</code>
Authentication Error 401 Unauthorised 5 Unauthenticated, problem with authentication
Authentication Token Expired 401 Unauthorised 40 Unauthenticated, token expired
Authentication Token Before Issued At 401 Unauthorised 42 Unauthenticated, token date incorrect
Authentication Token Not Valid Yet 401 Unauthorised 41 Unauthenticated, token not valid yet
Authentication Token Signature Invalid 401 Unauthorised 43 Unauthenticated, token signature invalid
Access Key Error 401 Unauthorised 2 Access Key invalid
Not Allowed Error 403 Forbidden 17 Unauthorised / forbidden to make request
App Suspended Error 403 Forbidden 99 App suspended
Cooldown Error 403 Forbidden 60 User tried to post a message during the cooldown period
Does Not Exist Error 404 Not Found 16 Resource not found
Request Timeout Error 408 Request Timeout 23 Request timed out
Payload Too Big Error 413 Request Entity Too Large 22 Payload too big
Rate Limit Error 429 Too Many Requests 9 Too many requests in a certain time frame
Maximum Header Size Exceeded Error 431 Request Header Fields Too Large 24 Request headers are too large
Internal System Error 500 Internal Server Error -1 Triggered when something goes wrong in our system