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Version: v3


A Widget For Displaying Message Searches


The UI SDK of Stream Chat supplies a MessageSearchListView class that builds a list of channels fetching according to the filters and sort order given. However, in some cases, implementing novel UI is necessary that cannot be done using the customization approaches given in the widget.

To do this, we extracted the logic required for fetching channels into a 'Core' widget - a widget that fetches channels in the expected way via the usual parameters but does not supply any UI and instead exposes builders to build the UI in situations such as loading, empty data, errors, and on data received.

Basic Example

MessageSearchListCore is a simplified class that allows searching for messages across channels while exposing UI builders. A MessageSearchListController is used to load and paginate data.

class MessageSearchPage extends StatelessWidget {
Widget build(BuildContext context) {
return Scaffold(
body: MessageSearchListCore(
messageQuery: _messageFilter,
filters: _channelsFilter,
limit: 20,

Make sure to have a MessageSearchBloc ancestor in order to provide the information about the messages.

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