LAST EDIT Jan 20 2022

Once your app has push enabled, you can use the APIs to register user devices such as iPhones and Android phones.

Each chat user has a limit of 25 unique devices. Once this limit is reached, the oldest device will be removed and replaced by the new device.

Device Parameters

user_idstringThe user ID for this device-
idstringThe device ID.-
push_providerstringThe push provider for this device. Either APN or firebase.-
disabledbooleanSet if device is disabled-
disabled_reasonstringExplanation if device is disabled-

Register a Device


Registering a device associates it with a user and tells the push provider to send new message notifications to the device.

Unregister a Device


Unregistering a device removes the device from the user and stops further new message notifications.

List Devices


Provides a list of all devices associated with a user.