Deleting & Hiding a Channel

LAST EDIT Sep 16 2021

Deleting a Channel


You can delete a Channel using the delete method. This marks the channel as deleted and hides all the content.

If you recreate this channel, it will show up empty. Recovering old messages is not currently supported via the Stream Chat API.

Hiding a Channel


Hiding a channel will remove it from query channel requests for that user until a new message is added. Please keep in mind that hiding a channel is only available to members of that channel.

Optionally you can also clear the entire message history of that channel for the user. This way, when a new message is received, it will be the only one present in the channel.

You can still retrieve the list of hidden channels using the { "hidden" : true } query parameter.

Truncating a Channel


Messages from a channel can be truncated. This will remove all of the messages but not affects the channel data or members.

This action can be performed client-side or server-side.