Push Devices

LAST EDIT May 20 2022

Once your app has push enabled, you can use the APIs to register user devices such as iPhones and Android phones.

Each chat user has a limit of 25 unique devices. Once this limit is reached, the oldest device will be removed and replaced by the new device.

Device Parameters

user_idstringThe user ID for this device-
idstringThe device ID.-
push_providerstringThe push provider for this device. Either apn, firebase, huawei or xiaomi.-
disabledbooleanSet if device is disabled-
disabled_reasonstringExplanation if device is disabled-
push_provider_namestringThe push provider name for this device if multi-bundle configuration is added.-

Register a Device


Registering a device associates it with a user and tells the push provider to send new message notifications to the device.

Unregister a Device


Unregistering a device removes the device from the user and stops further new message notifications.

List Devices


Provides a list of all devices associated with a user.