Channel Capabilities

LAST EDIT Jul 19 2024

Channel capabilities lets clients understand which features are available. Each channel payload contains the own_capabilities field which is essentially a list of actions that user is allowed to perform.

Channel capabilities are affected by a number of factors including:

Capabilities is the preferred way of deciding which actions should be available in the user interface.

Please avoid performing comparisons like user.role == 'user' in your client code and rely on Channel Capabilities instead. This makes your code more flexible and adaptive to your app configuration

Channel Capabilities

NameWhat it indicates
ban-channel-membersAbility to ban channel members
connect-eventsAbility to receive connect events
create-callAbility to create a call
delete-any-messageAbility to delete any message from the channel
delete-channelAbility to delete channel
delete-own-messageAbility to delete own messages from the channel
flag-messageAbility to flag a message
freeze-channelAbility to freeze or unfreeze channel
join-callAbility to join a call
join-channelAbility to join channel (add own membership)
leave-channelAbility to leave channel (remove own membership)
mute-channelAbility to mute a channel
pin-messageAbility to pin a message
quote-messageAbility to quote a message
read-eventsAbility to receive read events
search-messagesAbility to use message search
send-custom-eventsAbility to send custom events
send-linksAbility to attach links to messages
send-messageAbility to send a message
send-reactionAbility to send reactions
send-replyAbility to reply to a message
send-typing-eventsAbility to send typing events
set-channel-cooldownAbility to enable or disable slow mode
skip-slow-modeIndicates that the user is allowed to post messages as usual even if the channel is in slow more
slow-modeIndicates that channel slow mode is active
typing-eventsAbility to send and receive typing events
update-any-messageAbility to update any message in the channel
update-channelAbility to update channel data
update-channel-membersAbility to update channel members
update-own-messageAbility to update own messages in the channel
upload-fileAbility to upload message attachments