Android React Native Setup

LAST EDIT May 26 2021

For Android, we’ll be using Firebase Cloud Messaging to power push notifications:

Step 1 - Get your google-services.json

  • Go to the Firebase Console, create a new application OR select an existing project.

  • Go to Project Settings and under the General tab.

  • Click on Your Apps, add an Android application, and download your google-services.json file – you need to put this in the root of your projects android directory.

Step 2 - Configure google-services


Put google-services.json in the root of your project's android directory (e.g. ./android.

Make sure google-services.json file is included in your Android project’s dependencies by navigating to your project level build.gradle file (./android/build.gradle) and adding the following line:

Step 3 - Setup dependencies


Following the setup instructions mentioned here -

Unlike iOS, the Android emulator does support push notifications - just make sure you use an emulator with Google Play Services installed (shown by the Play Store Icon in the AVD Manager)