Android React Native Setup

LAST EDIT Jul 23 2024
This documentation is legacy. For the current docs, see the guide in the React Native UI Components Docs.

For Android, we’ll be using Firebase Cloud Messaging to power push notifications:

Step 1 - Get your google-services.json

  • Go to the Firebase Console, create a new application OR select an existing project.

  • Go to Project Settings and under the General tab.

  • Click on Your Apps, add an Android application, and download your google-services.json file – you need to put this in the root of your projects android directory.

Step 2 - Configure google-services


Put google-services.json in the root of your project's android directory (e.g. ./android.

Make sure google-services.json file is included in your Android project’s dependencies by navigating to your project level build.gradle file (./android/build.gradle) and adding the following line:

Step 3 - Setup dependencies


Following the setup instructions mentioned here -

Unlike iOS, the Android emulator does support push notifications - just make sure you use an emulator with Google Play Services installed (shown by the Play Store Icon in the AVD Manager)