Stream CLI Quickstart

LAST EDIT Dec 05 2022

Stream's command line interface (CLI) makes it easy to create and manage your Stream Chat applications directly from the command line. The source code and full documentation can be found on GitHub.



The Stream CLI must be installed globally using yarn or npm. Yarn is preferred; however, npm is fully supported. Yarn can be installed on macOS using Homebrew with the brew install yarn command and npm comes bundled with Node.js. We recommend running the latest version of Node.js when using the Stream CLI.



Once installed, the stream command will be available globally within your command line. To get started with Stream, you must first initialize the CLI using the stream config new command. This will ask you a series of questions that are required for the CLI to work properly. Please see below for an example.



The CLI is fully self documented and can be found on GitHub. Further supported commands can be found within the CLI documentation.