How to Build a Video Chat App: Types, Cost, & Must-Have Features

Recent advancements in real-time audio and video chat technology have enabled apps to incorporate these elements to become the most convenient connection methods. In this article, we'll take a 1,000 ft view of the video chat app market and its most popular apps, cover must-have features and the underlying tech you’ll need to create them,
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Auto Moderation Reduces In-App Phishing Attempts & Harmful Content by 90% for Sports Card Marketplace

Challenge: After integrating Stream's Chat API to connect its community of sports memorabilia collectors and hobbyists, CollX's user retention rates skyrocketed by 75%. Recognizing the value of the app's loyal user base, Director of Operations Alexander Liriano considered the safety of CollX's user experience as a top priority. But, to effectively scale moderation efforts, Liriano
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6 Features of Good API Design

APIs are the building blocks of modern software. According to the 2022 State of the API Report, 51% of organizations spend more than half of their development effort on APIs. From the creation of an API to the time it is retired, multiple developers come in contact with it and use it to access relevant
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Stream's Principal Moderation PM Talks Trust & Safety On GDI Podcast

Adnan Al-Khatib, Principal Product Manager of Moderation at Stream, recently joined the GDI podcast during Trust and Safety Month to discuss content moderation. Stream offers a cutting-edge, end-to-end auto-moderation solution that enables real-time adaptability to your app's needs. This powerful tool protects users from bots, scammers, and bad actors. Let's look closely at some key
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Edge Computing Security: Risks, Considerations, and Best Practices

Wherever computing systems go, security threats soon follow. Microsoft released Windows in 1985 — and the first Windows virus, Brain, swiftly followed in 1986. As edge computing matures, it faces similar cybersecurity challenges. IoT devices are vulnerable to threats such as botnets. Early fitness trackers were quickly hacked back in 2015. With the current reliance
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