Building a Full-Stack FaceTime Clone with SwiftUI

Like many others, I enjoy using FaceTime to chat with family and friends. The app makes it easy to have real-time one-to-one or group audio and video conversations on any of Apple's devices. As a user, it's often easy to forget the sheer complexity that lives under the surface of a seemingly common application like
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Improve Your Android App Performance With Baseline Profiles

Baseline Profiles empower you to achieve faster code execution, boasting potential speed improvements of around 20-30% from the first launch. This is accomplished by delivering pre-compiled source code information, effectively bypassing interpretation and just-in-time (JIT) compilation steps when users launch your application. When you integrate Baseline Profiles into your application, Android Runtime (ART) optimizes precise
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Create LLM-powered Chatbot For Your Documentation

Because many large language models are trained on general data, they can only answer general questions. However, businesses are left with the question of leveraging their data to incorporate it into the knowledge corpus of the models. Picture this: Your software's user guide isn't just a manual anymore; it's a conversation starter with your AI.
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How To Set Up Your Coding Environment

Many coding tutorials start with a blanket statement that tells you to set up a project environment. Here are some examples: Make sure to have Python available Create a Ruby environment You need to have Node installed You’re told what to do but not how to do it. You might know what to do, but
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Build Video Calling for Your Android WhatsApp Clone With Jetpack Compose

In this article, you’ll learn how to incorporate a real-time video call feature into the WhatsApp Clone Compose project with Jetpack Compose and Stream’s versatile Compose Video SDK. For a comprehensive understanding of the project's architecture, layer structure, and theming, start with the earlier article, Building a Real-Time Android WhatsApp Clone With Jetpack Compose. Before
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