Updating Reactions

Last Edit: Oct 15 2020

Reactions can be updated by providing the reaction ID parameter. Changes to reactions are propagated to all notified feeds; if the target_feeds list is updated, notifications will be added and removed accordingly.


Name Type Description Default Optional
reaction_id string The ID of the reaction -
data object Reaction data -
target_feeds string The list of feeds that should receive a copy of the reaction. -

client.reactions.update(reactionId, {"text": "love it!"});

client.reactions.update(reaction_id, {"text": "love it!"});

client.reactions.update(reaction_id, :data => {:text => "I love it"})

$client->reactions()->update($reaction_id, ["text"=> "I love it"]);

        .extraField("text", "love it!")

result, err := client.Reactions().Update(reactionID, map[string]interface{}{"text": "love it!"}, nil)

client.update(reactionId: reactionId, extraData: Comment(text: "love it!")) { result in /* ... */ }

var reactionData = new Dictionary<string, object="">()
    { "text", "love it!"}
await client.Reactions.Update(reactionId, reactionData);</string,>