LAST EDIT Jul 23 2024

Adding Reactions


Reactions are a special kind of data that can be used to capture user interaction with specific activities. Common examples of reactions are likes, comments, and upvotes. Reactions are automatically returned to feeds' activities at read time when the reactions parameters are used.

Reactions are always related to activities; in order to add a reaction to an activity you need to provide its ID.


kindstringThe type of reaction (eg. like, comment, ...)-

The ID of the activity the reaction refers to

dataobjectAdditional data to attach to the reaction-


arrayThe feeds that should receive a notification activity-
target_feeds_extra_dataobjectAdditional data to attach to the notification activities-
user_idstringId of the user adding the reaction if not own user. Required for server side.-

Here's a complete example:

The size of a reaction can not exceed 10kB

Retrieving Reactions


You can read reactions and filter them based on their user_id or activity_id values. Further filtering can be done with the kind parameter (e.g. retrieve all likes by one user, retrieve all comments for one activity, etc.).

Reactions are returned in descending order (newest to oldest) by default and when using id_lt[e] , and in ascending order (oldest to newest) when using id_gt[e].


activity_idstringRetrieve reactions by activity_id-
user_idstringRetrieve reactions by user_id-
reaction_idstringRetrieve children reaction by reaction_id-
kindstringIf provided it will only retrieve reactions of a certain kind (e.g. "like")-
limitintegerThe number of reactions to retrieve (Max. 25)10
id_gtestringRetrieve reactions created after the one with ID equal to the parameter (inclusive)-
id_gtstringRetrieve reactions created after the one with ID equal to the parameter.-
id_ltestringRetrieve reactions created before the one with ID equal to the parameter (inclusive)-
id_ltstringRetrieve reactions before the one with ID equal to the parameter-
with_activity_databooleanReturns activity data when paginating using activity_id-

Enable returning the children reactions when filtering reactions by parent ID


Retrieving Reactions by ID


Updating Reactions


Reactions can be updated by providing reaction ID parameter. Changes to reactions are propagated to all notified feeds; if the target_feeds list is updated, notifications will be added and removed accordingly.


reaction_idstringThe ID of the reaction-
dataobjectReaction data-
target_feedsstringThe list of feeds that should receive a copy of the reaction.-

Removing Reactions


Reactions are easy to remove. Simply pass in their ID, like so:

Soft delete and restore.

This feature is currently supported only selected SDKs. If you need support for other SDKs, please contact support.

Reactions can be soft deleted and restored by ID: