API Error Responses

Last Edit: Jan 07 2021

Below you can find the complete list of errors that are returned by the API together with the description, API code, and corresponding HTTP status of each error.

Name HTTP Status Code HTTP Status Stream Code Description
Pagination Error 400 Bad Request 4 Pagination error
Input Error 400 Bad Request 4 There is an error with the user input data
Feed Config Error 400 Bad Request 6 Missing or misconfigured feed
Missing User Error 400 Bad Request 10 Missing user in request payload
Ranking Error 400 Bad Request 11 Triggered when there is an issue with ranking the feed
Missing Ranking Error 400 Bad Request 12 The ranking isn't configured for the given feed
Missing Activity Error 400 Bad Request 13 The activity doesn't exist
Aggregation Error 400 Bad Request 14 The aggregation format isn't correct
Access Key Error 401 Unauthorized 2 Triggered when the API key is invalid
Signature Error 401 Unauthorized 3 The payload signature is invalid
Authentication Failed Error 401 Unauthorized 3 Authentication failed
App Suspended Error 401 Unauthorized 7 The app is suspended
Not Allowed Error 403 Forbidden 17 Requested action is not allowed
Does Not Exist Error 404 Not Found 16 Resource not found
Method Not Allowed Error 405 Method Not Allowed 17 The requested method is not allowed
Conflict Error 409 Conflict 22 There is a conflict (e,g. when trying to create an existing resource)
Input Error Body Size Exceeded Error 413 Request Entity Too Large 18 Input body size limit exceeded
Rate Limit Error 429 Too Many Requests 9 Rate Limit Reached
Internal System Error 500 Internal Server Error -1 Triggered when something goes wrong in our system