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Chat Messaging UI Kits

Craft a beautiful chat app with our high-fidelity UI kit for Sketch, Figma, and Adobe xD. In-app messaging interfaces for live chat, team collaboration, live streaming, and video games are included. Each design is fully responsive and contains all the essential UI elements required for interactive chat experiences.

Mobile Chat Kit

This is the UI kit that we built our stunning Chat UX Kit with. It’s a very good starting place for mobile chat designs, with patterns for every feature your users expect from a powerful chat experience.

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Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD

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Virtual Events UI Kit

This complete design system kit includes 12 customizable themes and components with variants and states, and auto-layout functionality. Create your own custom event chat faster than ever before.

Chat UI/UX Kits for the
leading Design Platforms

Ready for Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD. Light and dark modes built with customizable, highly-structured styles that can be efficiently altered to match your brand with just a couple clicks.

  • 50+ screens
  • UX complete
  • Organized components
  • Mobile ready
  • White label
  • Easily customizable
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Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, 170MB

Flexible Chat Messaging Components

The design philosophy of this UI kit was to provide other designers with a 95% complete starting point. This means that we needed to create a robust design system with relatively generic styling, while still showcasing the unique features of each use case.

Chat Message Lists

The message list UI is for displaying attachments, messages, channels, typing indicators and date separators. Show accurate dates and message actions in the chat message lists.

Chat Channels and Lists

Display the active conversations with indicators of who has read along with any new messages received within the Channel List UI Component.

Chat Threads & Replies

Threads enable conversations to stay on topic and organized. Threads render a parent message with a list of replies, keeping everything in a single threaded conversation.

Chat Message UI

There are many micro-interactions with chat. Editing, deleting, flagging, muting, reactions, retry and thread initiation are all attached to each individual message.

Chat Reactions UI

Select and show an emoji reaction to a message. Reactions allow users to quickly respond to any message, for any purpose.

Chat Message Input UI

Composing the perfect message takes a robust and flexible message input UI. Attaching images, videos, and files and select the perfect emoji.

DM or Groups

We have designed options for DMs or Group chats. This includes how avatars are handled, chat preferences, and a whole bunch of other UX.

Create a New Chat UX

Our Chat Sample Kit has a complete user experience for creating a new chat. It’s very flexible, intuitive and ready to streamline your chat onboarding.


Smart uploading, intelligent grouping and robust gallery views make our Mobile Chat UI/UX ready to be used to advance your own designs.

Additional Features
  • Message Reactions
  • Typing Indicators
  • Read Indicators
  • Threads
  • Link previews
  • Block & Mute
  • Light/Dark themes
  • Slash commands
  • Images, Videos and attachments
  • Image gallery
  • Style customization
  • Network problems
  • Edit and Delete message
  • GIF support
  • Simple UI
  • Mention users

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