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MessageList Hooks

The MessageList and VirtualizedMessageList components use a variety of custom hooks to assemble a scrollable list of Message components, with all of the necessary data and handlers provided to each. These hooks can be useful when building a custom list component.


A custom hook that determines which messages need date separators and group css styles, returns the processed array of messages.


A custom hook that handles state setting logic for the optional GiphyPreviewMessage component in the VirtualizedMessageList.


A custom hook that returns a memoized value of read states for each message. Used within the useEnrichedMessages hook.


A custom hook processes each message and returns the html elements needed to render each one, returned as an array. This hook also passes all of the Message component props appropriately.


A custom hook that handles the list scroll logic, returns a handler function that calculates a new scroll top value.


A custom hook used in the VirtualizedList component and returns message notification information.


A custom hook used in the VirtualizedList component and returns the number of messages prepended.


A custom hook used to handle the scroll location logic of the list and returns the related data and handlers.


A custom hook used in the VirtualizedList, returns a boolean for whether the list should be forced to scroll to the bottom.

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