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A Header Widget For A List Of Channels

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A common pattern for most messaging apps is to show a list of Channels (chats) on the first screen and navigate to an individual one on being clicked. On this first page where the list of channels are displayed, it is usual to have functionality such as adding a new chat, display the user logged in, etc.

To encapsulate all of this functionality into one widget, the Flutter SDK contains a ChannelListHeader widget which provides these out of the box.

Basic Example#

This is a basic example of a page which has a ChannelListView and a ChannelListHeader to recreate a common Channels Page.

class DemoPage extends StatelessWidget {  @override  Widget build(BuildContext context) {    return Scaffold(      appBar: ChannelListHeader(),      body: ChannelsBloc(         child: ChannelListView(           filter: Filter.in_('members', [StreamChat.of(context)]),           sort: [SortOption('last_message_at')],           pagination: PaginationParams(             limit: 20,           ),           channelWidget: ChannelPage(),         ),      ),    );  }}

Customizing Parts Of The Header#

The header works like a ListTile widget.

Use the titleBuilder, subtitle, leading, or actions parameters to substitute the widgets for your own.

//...ChannelListHeader(    subtitle: Text('My Custom Subtitle'),),

The titleBuilder param helps you build different titles depending on the connection state:

//...ChannelListHeader(    titleBuilder: (context, status, client) {        switch(status) {            /// Return your title widget        }    },),

Showing Connection State#

The ChannelListHeader can also display connection state below the tile which shows the user if they are connected or offline, etc. on connection events.

To enable this, use the showConnectionStateTile property.

//...ChannelListHeader(    showConnectionStateTile: true,),

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