Permission Resources

Last Edit: Jan 26 2021

Permissions policies can match one or more resources. Here is the complete list of permissions available. Please keep in mind that this only applies to API calls done by clients, API requests performed from your backend do not need to pass a permission check.

Resource Internal name Description
Create Channel CreateChannel Creating a new channel
Read Channel ReadChannel Reading messages and receive new messages on a channel
Update Channel Members UpdateChannelMembers Adding or removing members to a channel
Remove Own Channel Membership RemoveOwnChannelMembership Removing own channel membership (leave the channel)
Update Channel UpdateChannel Updating the channel data
Use Frozen Channel UseFrozenChannel Create messages and reactions as if the channel wasn't frozen
Update User UpdateUser Updating a user
Update User Role UpdateUserRole Updating the role of the user
Delete Channel DeleteChannel Deleting a channel
Create Message CreateMessage Send a new message
Update Message UpdateMessage Update an existing message
Pin Message PinMessage Pinning a message
Delete Message DeleteMessage Deleting a message
Run Message Action RunMessageAction Run an action over a message
Mute User MuteUser Mute another user
Ban User BanUser Unmute a user
Edit User EditUser Edit a user
Upload Attachment UploadAttachment Upload an attachment (file/image)
Delete Attachment DeleteAttachment Delete an attachment (file/image)
Add Links AddLinks Include URLs to messages
Create Reaction CreateReaction Add a reaction to a message
Delete Reaction DeleteReaction Remove a reaction
Send Custom Event SendCustomEvent Send a custom event on a channel
Skip Message Moderation SkipMessageModeration Skipping message moderation