Rate Limiting

Last Edit: Jan 14 2021

Rate limits exist to protect our API and your integration and avoid costly bills at the end of the month due to mistakes.

  • If you are rate-limited on the Standard Plan, it is often a sign of an integration error or an unoptimized integration.

  • Make use of batch endpoints.

  • Cache responses and store locally as necessary.

  • Listen to real-time events and update locally stored variables rather than querying the API again and again.

The rate limits given in the Standard plan are almost always sufficient for the user volume included in the plan. However, if you plan on exceeding this usage, please get in touch with support@getstream.io with your appID, and we will allocate additional resources as necessary.

If you have received an email indicating that you have been rate limited it is only temporary, and the limits are applied in a rolling window.