SendBird Migration

Last Edit: Nov 27 2020

Channel Types

SendBird has 2 channel types. The open channel or the group channel. Stream Chat has 5 built-in channel types: livestream, messaging, commerce, gaming, and team. You can also create your own channel types. This allows you to configure the features and permissions to exactly fit your use case. Usually, you’ll want to use the “livestream” chat type if you’re using a SendBird open channel.


Instead of the getChannel and channel.enter, Stream uses 1 API call to both get and enter a channel.

The concept of UserMessage and FileMessage in SendBird is replaced using a Message with a list of attachments.


Instead of specifying thumbnail sizes upfront you can request different image sizes at read time.

Private vs. Public Groups

This difference is handled by Stream’s permission system. You can allow or not allow non-members to edit the list of members for a channel.