Release Notes

LAST EDIT Sep 21 2023



Release: October 5th, 2021

Platform: Dashboard

We're enhancing Stream Chat's moderation capabilities with a set of new capabilities. These new features address common use cases common to moderation.

Advanced Moderation


"As a moderator, I want to be able to see messages that are likely to contain objectionable content so I can spend more time moderating and less time looking for things to moderate."

Advanced moderation gives Stream Chat a powerful machine learning model that can scan user messages for spammy, explicit, or toxic content and either block or flag that content for moderation follow-up.

If you would like to add this to your account, contact us.

Dedicated Moderator Role


"As a Stream Chat Admin, I want to give moderators access to the moderation dashboard without also giving them access to all of my Stream Chat data. "

Our Moderation dashboard no longer requires giving a user full access to the Stream Chat Dashboard. Instead, admins can now add users to their organization with a dedicated moderator role. Users with this role will be able to access the moderation Dashboard.