LAST EDIT Oct 08 2021
These docs are deprecated and will be removed from the site in the near future. Refer to the most up to date version of the iOS UI Component SDK,

StreamChat Swift SDK supports:

  • iOS 11 and up

  • MacOS 10.15 and up

StreamChat SDK consists of two frameworks: StreamChat and StreamChatUI

  • StreamChat - the low-level library that connects & communicates with StreamChat backend.

  • StreamChatUI — building on top of StreamChat, it's the full SDK library with all UI components. Styling and deep customizations are all supported out of the box.



To integrate StreamChat into your Xcode project using CocoaPods, add this entry in your Podfile:

Then run pod install.

If you want to use only StreamChat, you can add this entry in your Podfile:

In any file you'd like to use Stream Chat in, don't forget to import the necessary library:

Swift Package Manager


You can directly add dependency in Xcode 11+ using repo url, or in your Package.swift file, add to dependencies:



Add entry to your Cartfile:

and run:

go into your project, in the General settings tab, in the Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content section, drag and drop each XCFramework you use from the Carthage/Build folder on disk.