LAST EDIT Apr 08 2021

Voxeet's platform provides a suite of APIs for the following use-cases with Stream Chat:

  • 3D Immersive Calls (This helps balance the dynamics of a conference so that all participants can be heard and avoids one person talking over another)

  • Video Calling (Support for HD 720p at 30 frames per second for single or multiple users)

  • Content Sharing (Enables users to present what is on their screen with everybody in the conference – e.g., presentations, whiteboarding, peer review, etc.)

  • Streaming / Broadcasting (Supports both HLS and RTMP streaming for use-cases such as YouTube and Facebook)

  • Recording (Flexibility for customers to create unique recording experiences for their users)

A client-side SDK is provided for ease of use and fast integration with all frameworks. For React Specific integrations, Voxeet delivers a robust set of React Components (UX Kit) that can easily be added to your application alongside Stream Chat.

Full documentation for the Voxeet REST API can be found here. Similar to Stream Chat, Voxeet also provides support for Webhooks.