Message List Header View

LAST EDIT May 17 2021

MessageListHeaderView displays useful information about the current channel. Typically it will show:

  • A back navigation button

  • Channel name

  • Number of members of a channel

  • Last time the channel was active

  • Online indicator about other users

MessageListHeaderView in channel called "General"
MessageListHeaderView searching for network with Dark theme.

Adding the layout


Here's an example of the header being added to an XML layout:

Binding With View Model

MessageListHeaderView comes with MessageListHeaderViewModel which is responsible for providing all needed data. The view can be bound with it using bindView:

Handling User Interactions


MessageListHeaderView exposes multiple listeners for handling interactions with its components:

A full list of available listeners to set can be found here.



The view also gives you an opportunity to change component's visibility, fonts, or icons. The list of available attributes can be found here.