Senior Android Developer (Java/Kotlin)

Team: mobile Location: Amsterdam Remote

We are looking for a Senior Android Developer to join our Mobile Team in Amsterdam. Job duties will include building and maintaining open-source libraries to integrate Stream's APIs on mobile apps.

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Stream provides APIs for building activity feeds and chat. Our team is passionate about tackling difficult tech problems at scale and creating reusable components for them.

As a developer at Stream, you will build software that's used by tens of thousands of developers and more than half a billion end-users. Stream's APIs are powered by Go, RocksDB and Raft - with response times typically measured in single-digit milliseconds.

The React Chat tutorial is a nice way to learn more about our product. Have a look at our About Us page for more details on how we work at Stream.

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Hiring Lead Tommaso CTO

What you will be doing

As one of Stream's Android Developers, you strive to simplify how applications are built. You will work on full apps as well as write and maintain open-source libraries in different languages.

Most of your day will be dedicated to software design, research and coding. You will work on different mobile tech, including, but not limited to Java and Kotlin. Most of your projects will be released as open-source and used by our customers directly.

About you

  • You have been working in the mobile field for (at least) 3 years
  • You have professional experience with Java (on Android) and Kotlin
  • You are familiar with REST APIs
  • You have published apps on Google Play
  • You have experience with TDD and CI

Bonus points if you have experience with

  • Dart/Flutter
  • React Native
  • Building and maintaining open-source libraries
  • Publishing libraries to Maven Central

Our tech stack

At Stream we use a wide collection of technologies to offer highly optimized and available features to our customers. Over the years we have experimented with different programming languages, frameworks, databases and libraries. Here's a short list our tech stack:

  • Go, Python, NodeJS
  • RocksDB, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ
  • Django, Celery
  • AWS, Puppet, CloudFormation, Vagrant
  • Grafana, Graphite, ELK
  • Redis, Memcached

What we have to offer you

Stream employees enjoy some of the best benefits in the industry:

  • A competitive salary
  • Company equity
  • A team of exceptional engineers
  • Healthy team lunches
  • Plenty of snacks and fancy coffee/teas
  • An office in the heart of Amsterdam
  • The possibility to visit our office in Boulder, CO
  • The opportunity and support to attend and/or present to industry-related conferences and meetups
  • The chance to work on OSS projects

Our culture

Stream has a casual social culture, our team is diverse and we all have different backgrounds. Our Amsterdam team is very focused: you will see us heads-down coding or drawing complex charts on whiteboards, until we pop up to have a chat or play merciless games of ping pong.

Our talented developers are highly technical and collaborative, which makes Stream a great place to learn and improve your skills. When it comes to software engineering our culture is oriented towards ownership and quality: our goal is to deliver stable software.

If what we do sounds like an interesting opportunity to you, apply now!