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Build Social Networks with Django

Stream helps you create social networks and apps with Django. Build, scale, and personalize your news feeds and activity streams.

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Stream is the fastest feed service
Stream is used for social media companies that need feeds that scale
Stream is the fastest feed service

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Django Personalized Activity Feeds

Get started with building a personalized social media network. Don't re-invent the wheel, use the Stream API for personalized feeds, social feeds and notification systems.

Developers can easily build personalization into their feeds with Django and Stream. If you want to create an activity feed or stream like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook aggregated feed, Stream is the right solution for your social app.

Working with the Stream API and the Django Framework for Python

Django is a Python based web framework that has been around for many years yet remains as popular as ever. It has stood up well to the test of time primarily thanks to its rich feature-set, quality documentation, and a resilient developer community.

Django is proven as a fast, scalable and secure base for high-traffic social networks and feature-rich web applications. It was the framework of choice for extremely successful sites like Disqus and Instagram.

Django promotes a model-view-template architectural pattern. It includes a built-in and eponymously named template coding language which influenced many other frameworks. At the same time also supports popular alternatives, such as Jijna2. ReST and RPC style web APIs can be built directly on Django or the popular the Django Rest Framework extension (which we’re proud to sponsor). It was also one of the first web frameworks to include a robust ORM, migrations, and support for a wide range of SQL databases.

Getting started: open source API Client

Our framework integration for Django is stream-django.

Continuous integration is via Travis and we publish to the Python Package Index. Contributions in the form of issues, feature suggestions and pull requests are most welcome.

Our low level Python API is also available.

API for Feeds

Stream is an API for building scalable news feeds and activity streams. Try it out in this 5 minute interactive tutorial. To run the examples you'll need an API key. Register to continue...

var client = stream.connect('GET YOUR KEY');
var chrisFeed = client.feed('user', 'chris');
// Add the activity to the feed
actor: 'chris',
verb: 'add',
object: picture:10,
message: 'Working on improving the user experience of the Stream Dashboard...'
Flexible Implementation
Implement with Django or many other languages and platforms