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Activity Streams and News Feeds for Real-Time Use Cases

There are many feed use cases where it’s important to show updates in real-time. If a feed has thousands or even millions of followers, this can be pretty hard to do. Over the past months, our team has vastly improved the capacity of our real-time infrastructure, allowing you to: Show live activities for a sporting […]

Creating a Personalized Buying Experience

Remember when online shopping was a new phenomenon that seemed risky and impractical? I certainly do. Fast forward to present day. Not only are retail companies expected to have an online purchasing option (eCommerce), it seems as though in-person shopping is becoming a thing of the past. In fact, we’ve become so lazy busy that […]

Feeds – B2B show they’re not just for social

When most people think about feeds, they of think social apps like Twitter. Even at Stream, most of our example use cases and sample applications are centered around social. It’s no surprise, considering that Recode’s 2017 list of top 10 mobile apps include Facebook, Instagram, and Snap (aka Snapchat). However, we’re seeing an emergence of […]