Stream Chat and API-Driven Telemedicine Services


One of the largest growing segments within the telecommunication space is telehealth and telemedicine. Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, we saw claims that “Telehealth is growing with a forecasted market increase of 16.8 percent from 2017 to 2023” according to the Arizona Telemedicine Program. However, Healthcare IT News released information stating that in the current era, we could see “virtual visits and remote patient monitoring (grow) as much as seven-fold.”

As developers continue to release new telemedicine apps and services to meet this growing demand, we’re learning more about how users can be impacted today and also in the future. Increased demand for telemedicine app development has led to a boost in profit potential for tech companies, thus resulting in a more competitive market and improved overall performance. However, there is increased concern for HIPAA and data security amongst other topics in the new age of telemedicine.

Improving Telemedicine with the Stream Chat API

Stream Chat offers the most feature-rich, scalable, high-speed chat solution on the market, and facilitates a safe and secure environment for all user information. Here at Stream, we’re working diligently to improve telemedicine and improve the user experience. In doing so, we’ve identified areas of focus that we’re committed to addressing now and in the future.

Flexibility and Reliability

Patients often have emergency questions or concerns and need to get in touch with their healthcare provider (HCP). Stream Chat offers an SLA Uptime up to 99.999% to ensure reliable and fast communication. Stream Chat provides all the necessary SDKs to facilitate telemedicine for in-app services compatible with mobile and web apps. With read and delivered receipts you can be assured that your message got through.

High Scalability and Performance

Stream Chat will grow with your Telemedicine business, regardless of your requirements. Whether your app supports one-hundred end-users or one-hundred-million, Stream has you covered with our battle-tested infrastructure and performance-driven chat API.

Dedicated Stack and Multi-Tenancy

For telemedicine apps that handle highly-sensitive patient information or high-volume usage, Stream Chat offers a dedicated stack or private cloud for physical separation and peace-of-mind. Also, multi-tenancy usage is possible within your app and stack to facilitate a safe, secure platform for each and every user.

Technical Complexity and the User Experience

Occasionally, users may not be able to operate certain services efficiently based on their technical abilities. This can result in discouraged users who may look elsewhere for telemedicine services. Stream Chat comes pre-loaded with beautiful UI designs to simplify integration and improve the user experience by addressing the downfalls of traditional telemedicine.

Got Video? We do. Stream partners with for HIPAA-ready optimized audio and video capability, maximizing healthcare engagement, and offering users the ideal telemedicine experience.

Like What You See?

With best-in-class customer support for rapid integration and troubleshooting, you can begin using all of Stream’s incredible features for your telemedicine services within days.

If you want to build a HIPAA compliant chat app and take advantage of Stream Chat, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Stream Team for any support you may need in providing exceptional telemedicine services!