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New Zend Framework Module for Integrating Stream

Hot off the heels of our Doctrine ORM integration, we’re ready to announce our next PHP integration! We’ve created a neat little package, which serves as a Zend Framework module! Zend Framework is one of the most popular frameworks in the PHP ecosystem – after Laravel and Symfony, that is. Since we know many of […]

Stream & Go: News Feeds for Over 300 Million End Users

Stream is an API that enables developers to build news feeds and activity streams (try the API). We are used by over 500 companies and power the feeds of more than 300 million end users. Companies such as Product Hunt, Under Armour, Powerschool, Bandsintown, Dubsmash, Compass and Fabric (Google) rely on Stream to power their […]

Creating a Personalized Buying Experience

Remember when online shopping was a new phenomenon that seemed risky and impractical? I certainly do. Fast forward to present day. Not only are retail companies expected to have an online purchasing option (eCommerce), it seems as though in-person shopping is becoming a thing of the past. In fact, we’ve become so lazy busy that […]

Adding Support for Doctrine ORM

Doctrine is one of the most popular object-relational mapping libraries in the PHP community. It ships with Symfony, but is also used in a lot of non-Symfony applications. Previously, we built ORM integrations with Laravel’s Eloquent, Rails’ ActiveRecord and many others, so adding Doctrine to the list seemed like a no-brainer. With that said, we […]

Using Feed Technology for Real Estate Use Cases

Product owners for online real estate services are facing new challenges in a market that is currently in a state of massive disruption. First time home buyers entering the market grew up with advanced technology, allowing everything to be at their fingertips. Buyers now expect to be able to browse homes from their phones and, […]

Announcing Stream 2.0 and Multi-Region Support

We’re very excited to announce Stream 2.0 and complete multi-region support! The new version is built on Google’s Go programming language, as opposed to Python. However, it’s important to note that Python is still used to power the machine learning for Stream’s personalized feeds. We believe this will increase reliability, scalability and overall platform performance. […]

Generating Waveforms for Podcasts in Winds 2.0

As developers at Stream, an API for building scalable newsfeeds and activity streams, my colleagues and I have been hard at work on creating Winds 2.0. This version of Winds is an open-source desktop app with support for RSS feeds and easy podcast listening, which we’re building in Electron, React, and Node.js. For more info […]

Product Hunt Switched to Stream API from In-House Solution

“The Stream API just works – we appreciate the fact that we simply don’t have to worry about it. It’s simple for us to add new notifications and it scales with us. This gives us time to focus on other priorities.” – Andreas Klinger, CTO at Product Hunt About Product Hunt Product Hunt allows users […]

Moving Beyond EdgeRank for Personalized Newsfeeds

This blog post is broken into two parts and harkens back to learnings from a prior post. The sum of all these parts is altogether my best effort to provide you with a framework of how to take the creation of personalized news feeds to the next level. Part 1: Theory behind a very basic […]

Personalized Job Feeds and Machine Learning

Product managers for job sites face two fundamental problems. First, the top candidates are not actively looking for a job, making them difficult to seek out and find. Second, the top jobs are quickly filled and typically attract in-network candidates. So, while you have top candidates and great jobs on your site, it can be […]

5 Common Mistakes Integrating With Stream

Getting started and integrating with a technical solution, like the Stream activity feed API, can be exciting. Sometimes you just want to rip open the proverbial box and get started. When implementing a new API I rarely want to read pages and pages of (sometimes boring) documentation – so here’s your TL;DR version of the […]

Using .IO Domain Names for Production Traffic

We’re currently updating this article. Please check back soon. In the meantime, if you are interested in activity streams, check out these helpful resources: 13 Tips for a Highly Engaging News Feed Based UI Kits Try the API