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Try out the Stream API with Postman

As many developers are aware, Postman is a fantastic tool for developing and testing RESTful web-services and APIs. Since its inception, Postman has evolved beyond simply sending HTTP requests into a feature-rich product with support for automated testing and team collaboration. Many of us at Stream use Postman regularly as we build and test our […]

Winds 2.0: It’s Time to Revive RSS

I love using RSS to follow the programming and tech news I care about. Unfortunately, the number of sites supporting RSS has been in rapid decline over the last few years. The reader ecosystem is slowly degrading as well. Facebook and Twitter’s dominance is now delivering its final blow to the open standard of RSS. […]

Build a scalable Twitter clone with Django and Stream

In this tutorial, we will build a Twitter clone using Django and Stream, a hosted API for newsfeed development. By the end, you’ll see how easy is to power your newsfeeds with Stream. For brevity, we leave out some basic Django-specific code and recommend referring to the Github project for the complete runnable source code. […]

Stream and GDPR

As an organization who has customers located within the European Union (EU), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an important topic for us here at Stream. The GDPR is a regulation by which the European government has intended to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the EU (source). Companies must be […]

Using Feed Technology for Travel Use Cases

When we visit sites like Amazon, Netflix, or YouTube, we take for granted the fact these services have been exploring and learning our behavior for years. They know us well – they make relevant recommendations that are unique to the user, drawing us back to their sites time and time again. The big players in […]

Winds 2.0 Beta – Now Available for Download

In case you haven’t already heard, the devrel team at Stream has been working on a really exciting project over the past couple months called Winds 2.0! Tl;Dr Winds is an open-source RSS reader and podcast player built with React & Stream. It’s not only free and open source, but is also created by a […]

Go Client Now Available

Go is one of the fastest growing languages around. We ourselves use it extensively inside the Stream API service. Support for Go was added almost two years ago by MrHenry and HyperWorks, which open-sourced a Go client. We are proud to announce that starting today, we are releasing our official Go API client. You can […]

Looking Forward to What’s Coming from Stream in 2018

Looking Back 2017 wrapped up with the launch of Stream V2 and multi-region support. The new version of our API uses Go, RocksDB and Raft to power the feeds for over 300 million users. V2 represents our largest improvement in performance so far. Switching from Cassandra to RocksDB was a major step forward for Stream. It’s […]

Dubsmash Switches to Stream from an In-House Solution

About Dubsmash Dubsmash is a global entertainment platform that allows users to interact with the content they love. Their team is building the interactive video quote database of the future, allowing users around the world to share, lip-sync, and meme over pop culture content. With over 200M global users who create & interact with 35 […]

Building a Node.js Powered API with Express, Mongoose & MongoDB

One of my favorite parts of my job as a Developer Evangelist at Stream is building sample applications. It is an enthralling way to engage and interact with potential and existing customers, as well as show off the fun technology we use and build with every single day. The applications I build range from small […]

Sketchfab Utilizes Stream’s Feed Technology to Increase Performance and Reliability

“From posting updates to commenting and more, Stream provided us with the most flexible and scalable solution for displaying all our user’s activities. The Stream team made implementing our news feed solution a collaborative experience and ultimately the right decision for us.” – Paul Chambers, Artist Evangelist at Sketchfab. Sketchfab’s community consists of artists, designers, […]

Activity Streams and News Feeds for Real-Time Use Cases

There are many feed use cases where it’s important to show updates in real-time. If a feed has thousands or even millions of followers, this can be pretty hard to do. Over the past months, our team has vastly improved the capacity of our real-time infrastructure, allowing you to: Show live activities for a sporting […]