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Python 3 & Stream Framework

Stream Framework now running on Python 3.4!

Jobs at Stream – Techstars NYC 2015

Stream is currently participating in the prestigious Techstars NYC program and are searching for ambitious developers to join our team.

5 Reasons to Use Cassandra For Building Your Newsfeed

Users of the open source Stream-Framework often ask us if they should use Redis or Cassandra to power their newsfeed. This article highlights five scenarios in which you are better off going for Cassandra.

5 Brilliant Articles About Newsfeeds & Activity Streams

Highlighting some of the best articles out there about newsfeed and activity stream development.

Stream Beta & Techstars NY

We are excited to announce that Stream is participating in Techstars NY.

REST Documentation

As a tiny step towards supporting more languages we have released our internal REST documentation.

Scalability as a Service, Guest Post on HighScalability

Thierry wrote a guest post on HighScalability called Scalability as a Service. It explains the trend how development is moving towards a hosted component based approach.

Multi Region Support

We are shipping the first iteration of multi-region support. We now replicate part of our infrastructure in four regions.

Teams, Organizations and Topics

The most basic pattern in social networking is to follow other users. However, many apps will also allow you to follow more complex concepts such as teams, organizations, topics, sites, and more.

Parse Cloud Code, EmberJS &

We have released a small example app, which shows you how to integrate with Parse cloud code.

Easier Integration with New API Clients & Data Browser

In the past days, we have updated our API clients for numerous languages and taken your feedback to make the API easier to use.

Call For Contributors: Stream-Framework 1.1

We have released Stream Framework 1.1 - and we are looking for your contributions!