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Secure React Chat Messaging App with Auth0

Chat messaging is everywhere today. We can talk to customer support personnel through a web app that allows them to see our request and respond in real-time. We can interact with our friends and family, no matter where we are, through apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. There are multitudes of instant messaging apps, for many […]

Tutorial: Use Gifted Chat UI with React Native

Create a React Native Chat App with Gifted Chat

Product Comparison: Stream vs. Pusher

When searching for a provider to enable in-app messaging, you might compare Chat by Stream with Pusher’s Chatkit.

Adding Chatbots to Your Stream Chat App Using Google’s Dialogflow

Most tasks are repetitive and time-consuming. What if we could use a bot to help in doing the tasks instead? This will hugely increase productivity. Chatbots are fantastic for this.  In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through steps to adding a chatbot to your Stream Chat app using Dialogflow and Vue. At the end of […]

Product Comparison: Stream vs. Layer

Update: Layer is shutting down their API by October 31st. Read about how to migrate from Layer and read our own thoughts about it. Chat and messaging are critical components to application success. When searching for a provider to enable in-app messaging, you might compare Chat by Stream with Layer’s chat. Layer has been providing […]

Stream Roadmap – May 2019

It’s been an exciting period for Stream with the launch of Chat and the activity feed components for iOS/Swift. Here’s what’s next on the roadmap: AI-powered moderation for chat and activity feeds Android native for activity feeds Android & iOS native for chat Push for activity feeds Follow/Following counts on activity feeds Reaction counts for […]

Android & iOS Push Notifications with Stream Chat and React Native

The Stream Chat API allows you to quickly and easily build powerful chat based applications and features — from a simple one to one messenger to building a full-scale Slack-like community. Stream Chat also supports Push Notifications out of the box and implementing them into your own React Native Chat app is a breeze. In this tutorial, we will […]

What I Learned Researching Chat Provider Pricing

My comparison of the top chat services and their pricing structures - Pubnub vs Pusher vs Layer vs Sendbird vs Stream. Full disclosure: I’m the head of sales at Stream, and we recently launched the beta for our new chat API. After 4 years of providing highly stable, fast and scalable activity and notification feeds, […]

Crafting a Command Line Experience that Developers Love

If you’re setting out to build a highly usable developer tool, it goes without saying that a proper CLI to interface with your API is paramount. As Zeit and Heroku have been setting the tone for these types of developer tools by doing extensive research into best practices when it comes to a command line “experience”, we started our […]

Stream CLI & My Role as a Developer Evangelist

Stream has long been known for providing a platform to power Activity Feeds at scale — specifically catered towards teams who are building feed-driven experiences similar to that of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Quora. Several months ago, our team set out on a new adventure — to build a highly available infrastructure for chat applications. The proof of concept […]

Integrating with Stream: Backend & Frontend Options

When we first built Stream, the platform was intended to be a pure back-end integration, allowing companies to build complex feed structures in a matter of minutes to hours rather than days or months. Since the inception of Stream, the platform has grown to be much more than a back-end solution; Stream now offers front-end […]

Stream Customers Overwhelmingly Report Huge Increases in User Engagement and Retention

One of the challenges of being a software company is getting your customers to participate in case studies and other marketing materials so you can shout from the rooftops about how successful they’ve been with your products. This becomes even more difficult when the customer is a household name and they very tightly regulate the […]