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Examining Decentralized Social Networks

Most companies who create a social network do so with the end goal of collecting information, interests and habits of their users in order to monetize that data (usually through advertising). They guard this data heavily and many of the largest social networks are trusted enough to be Identity Providers for OAuth-based authentication and single-sign-on […]

Building a Performant API using Go and Cassandra

Introduction Software performance is critical to a SaaS company like Stream and while the majority of our infrastructure is written in Python, we are actively porting portions of our code base to Go. Stream is an API for building scalable feeds and now handles over 20 billion feed updates a month. While Python has been […]

Android example Photo Sharing app

Introduction We’re covering some “best practice” examples of how to set up a mobile application powered with Stream APIs. We’re happy to announce that after several weeks of development and testing that we have an Android example to share. As with all of our example code, the project is open sourced and available on GitHub. […]

Best Practices for Instagram-style Feeds

Introduction As part of our "best practices" series, we wanted to describe our best practices for setting up feeds for a simple photo sharing application. These feeds allow users to upload photos, follow other users, like photos, and see notification and aggregated feeds. Of course, how you use Stream depends greatly on the kind of […]

Example Go service for a Photo-Sharing App

Introduction Many customers have asked our team to provide a “best practices” example of how we’d like to see a mobile application developed to utilize the power of Stream APIs. Since a mobile app would also need a backend API service with which to communicate, we also needed to develop a server-side application which we […]

Go client library for Feeds and Activities (beta)

Introduction Open-source development has played a big part in our company history, so it is with great pleasure that we announce an official Go client library for Two community-led projects were adapted to produce this library. We are releasing this library as version 0.9.0, and flagging it as a beta version. Improved feature functionality […]