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Rapidly deploy scalable feeds and chat messaging with an industry leading 99.999% uptime SLA guarantee.

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Aggregation, Ranking,
Real-time and Personalization

Leverage Stream's Feed API to build the most engaging activity feed without worrying about the underlying storage technology. Advanced features such as aggregation, ranking, real-time and personalization enable your product team to optimize your app’s engagement and retention.

The Stream API just works – we appreciate the fact that we simply don’t have to worry about it. It’s simple for us to add new notifications & it scales with us. This gives us time to focus on other priorities.
Andreas Klinger of Product Hunt

Andreas Klinger

Product Hunt
Scalability & Performance

Grow-fix your app without worrying about the scalability of your feed infrastructure. Feeds typically load in less than 20ms.

Move Faster & Do More

Building your feed with Stream can help you move faster, save substantial cost and benefit from Stream’s performance and scale.

Enterprise Plans

24/7 phone support, dedicated Slack channel, high availability, 99.999% uptime SLA, security & GDPR best practices

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Built for developers

// example 1 - starting point
  actor: 'chris',
  verb: 'add',
  object: 'picture:10',
  message: 'Working on improving the user experience of the Stream Dashboard...'
me = client.feed('timeline', 'me');
me.follow('user', 'chris');
activities = me.get({limit: 10});
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